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About Us

Build Club is a program that supports Web3 builders with development resources, education, marketing guidance, funding and peer-to-peer support that is needed in order to successfully launch blockchain games and dApps.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about developing Blockchain games and projects with practical applications and wants to turn them into successful enterprises should enroll in the program.
Individuals or Teams who want to work on Blockchain Gaming, DeFi projects, Web3 tooling, unique projects, clones, utility projects, NFTs, and other projects are accepted by Build Club. Build Club supports Web3 project developers as they create and develop their initial concepts into functional dApps.


Build Club application review is ongoing, apply today to start building your project within the Godwoken Ecosystem.

  • Guided marketing & launch assistance
  • Web3 educational programmes and expert presentations
  • Obtain peer-to-peer assistance from other cohort builders
  • Grant Opportunities
  • By working with us on AMAs, Learn to Earn activities, etc., this will help you grow your community.


Participate individually and as a team

Please note that you must have at least one dev on the team (either you if applying individually) or some other member of your team. Build Club does not provide support to projects that do not have at least one designated developer on the team.

Project idea to work

You must have a project idea to work on. We can definitely work to refine it together later.


You must have passion towards being an entrepreneur, learning new things along the way and also have consistency to build each day.



Cohort 1 - Live on Mainnet

  • Psymons- Gaming focused GameFi Club building hyper modern games
  • Nervoz Punkz- Medieval and Modern Age inspired Punkz exclusively on Godwoken
  • JioSwap- Smart DEX | Bridge | Stable optimized to deliver low slippage and cheap exchanged of stable coins and pegged crypto assets.
  • Oblivion- NFT Marketplace on Godwoken, BSC, and Polygon
  • Wallet Guard- Web3 security advocates. Free anti-phishing browser extension for Chrome and Brave

Cohort 2 - Live on Testnet

  • Git3- A Github-type of repository for Web3
  • Tokify- No-code solution for deploying and managing Smart Contracts
  • LambdaDAO- The first decentralized, treasure-backed reserve currency protocol running on Godwoken
  • NEVDex- A decentralized exchange platform built on Godwoken Blockchain
  • Insure- Providing coverage against drastic devaluation (> 90%) of crypto assets

Cohort 3- Build in Progress

  • Backbone Finance- Building a truly fixed rate APY for all stablecoin needs
  • Eldora Finance- Defi project built on the Godwoken Blockchain
  • Fallen Factions- MMORPG built on the Godwoken Blockchain
  • Rather Labs- The blockchain tech hub to launch your next web3 project
  • Opthy- Fixed swap rates + liquidity + unlimited swaps
  • Raspberry DAO- RaspberryDAO is a generative NFT project where collectors can trade in any NFTs they no longer want for brand new randomly generated NFTs.
  • Azorus- The UTXO Blockchain intelligence platform


“For me, Nervos is unique in the way it has positioned itself as a multi-layer system by establishing a true decentralized Layer1. A great design in state rent for longevity and a great community.”


“We chose to build on Godwoken for a few main reasons. First being the ease of development with Godwoken being 100% EVM Compatible. This has allowed our tools and knowledge to be easily utilised and made sure that we could start building right away.”

Fallen Factions

“Nervos is a POW chain has a UTXO cell model make it different from so many POS chains, it's special and outstanding. Godwoken's cheap gas cost, fast block confirm time make it the perfect choice for building the DEX.”